Saturday, August 01, 2009


It takes two airplanes, one long walk through the underground tunnel at O'Hare, a cheese pizza, one bag of gummy fish, four bathroom stops and three bottles of water to get from Virginia to Iowa on the best of days. In between we read books, complete fabulous art projects and talk and wave to every little kid rolling by in a stroller.

Other days, it takes a little longer.
Throw in a box of McNuggets, a stuffed "I Love Chicago" beanie bear and five or six rides up and down the terminal on the moving sidewalk, just because it's fun. All the while in search of a quiet bench where we can sit and wait. And wait. And wait.

And wait.

Finally we get on the plane.
We buckle in. We adjust the lights. We adjust the fan. We raise and lower the window shades, just to make sure they work. And we wait. And wait.

Entertaining ourselves while the pilot gets ready to take us home.

Listening to the headsets helps pass the time.

And you'd think a Grandma would know, when you're listening to music on a pair of headphones, you're not listening to questions grown-ups ask.

Ohhhhhh well.

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