Monday, January 14, 2013

It's a Wrap

Christmas traditions. Some old. Some new. It's good to be back home in Iowa where I belong where I can enjoy flour-covered afternoons with my kids.
Sara and I love the whole frosting-thing.
We sort of lean toward non-traditional colors and designs.....

We STRONGLY lean towards a very traditional style of eating......

....I fondly refer to as "The Four Bite Christmas Cookie"

And just in time for Christmas weekend...............

Yep. The ol' man still knows how to make
the little girl in me smile.
Meanwhile, hours away my granddaughter had Christmas fun with
her Dad who flew to the coast for a couple of days....
Maybe next year, Victoria. But I love the good time you and Dad had together. And thanks for the pictures you two sent Grandma Debbie. Best Christmas present ever.

Meanwhile, back in the snowy Midwest......your Iowa family is preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse.......seriously, I don't know much about the whole thing but I am warned by them that ignorance is no excuse and I best get my Zombie-defense act together, lest I lose a hand or a foot or something in the first round.....I tend to get my bad-guys mixed up but just in case, I think I'm supposed to wear garlic around my neck to be safe...???
Or not.
Aunt Missy ruthlessly wiped us all off the map.
She looks all innocent and stuff but watch your back.
Ho.Ho. Now let's melt all that snow....
get on with the new year!

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