Monday, January 14, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Forbes? Was it Forbes that said this is a great place to live?
And USA Today? I think they said it too.
Tell you what. They're right.
 I grew up here. Skinned my knees, learned to ride my bike and played Worky-Up in the street with the neighbor kids wearing their old hand-me-down sweatshirts and sneakers. I rode horses with my cousins here, got my first kiss on New Years Eve under the mirror ball at the skating rink here and waited tables for tips at the airport just up the street. I learned to drive a stick here, moved into a cheap little upstairs apartment with friends here and reported for my first grown-up job in a smoke-filled little office on Hickman Road here.
Raised my family here. Cheered at ballgames, danced in the streets and threw candy from parade floats here. I buried my Dad here.
Happy. Sad. Loved. Lonely. Busy. Bored. Employed and notsomuch.
Young, older and older yet. Mourning. Celebrating. Cheering. Sobbing. Winking. Wishing.
Creating. Erasing. Building. Tearing Down.
I've done it all here.
And I've only just begun.
Indeed, these are the colors of my home sweet home.

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