Monday, January 14, 2013

The Peddler in Me

Not sure what page.
Don't know when he was born or where he lived.
But I'm sure he's back there somewhere ~ tucked into the crumbling pages of my distant heritage where I wish he'd taken time out from his busy round of stops to make note of his life as a peddler.
He's my great-great-great-great. Maybe greater than that.
Maybe an uncle. Heck, maybe he was "that" traveling salesman and my
great-great-great-great...etc. Grandma was a farmer's daughter.
Oh my.
All I know is, he was there. And he's with me today and every day.
I wake up just like he did, probably. Early, because mornings are the best time to get stuff done.
And our first thought is:
Let's sell something today!!!
 Yep. He's in my blood.
He'd likely be happy to know after a few months of job-searching I think I'm real close
to finding my next employment home. (Because ancestors worry about stuff like that) So while crusing websites, sending out apps and interviewing here and there,  I also spent the holiday season selling some cool stuff I really, really love. I'll continue as time allows because it's fun and....well, like I said: I love it.
Here's what I'm posting in the Etsy shop this week: 
Valentines Day. Must it be chocolate??? I think not.
Rusted steel art and some fabulously bright and glassy magnets are more fun, methinks.
Loving these bent-frame steel signs too.
A lovely bit of rusted patina on each one. Very. Cool.
Slightly industrial. Contemporary.
Tell you what ~ they look WICKED cool with all the granite and steel and slate floors.
Good accents, whatever you want to call the decor.
And...ever-the-mother I continue to love opportunities
to share good thoughts with anyone who will listen.
Like this one:
And this one.
Because............well because......
Seriously, it is!!!!!
I mean, haven't you said it a bazillion times?
And that sign makes a great bulletin board for an office too.
No pins, no tacks.....just use magnets.
Ohhh now how awesome is that.
Talk amongst yourselves.
Meanwhile, I'll tell you what my roommate thinks......
"The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts."
Marcus Aurelius said that. He was a Roman emporer. Kinda a big deal.
And my Binks............yeah, it's a four-paws up from the big fur ball.
He likes.
You can check all of these pieces and lots more here:
And I do thank you, thank you very much.

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