Monday, November 03, 2014


I try and start every morning off with something that feeds my spirit.
Just seems like it's the best way for me to step out the front door
on the correct foot and face my day.
Sometimes it's reading from a little book.
Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.
Sometimes it's just a flip open in the pages of my Bible.
I find a spot and I ask God to say something to me through the words.
I read. And I carry those words with me through my day.
And sometimes I take a little more time and I settle in
and listen to one of the messages from some pastors whom never
fail to reach me with their messages and gift of speaking.
They are doing a series of messages right now called "The Jesus Tour"
Great stuff. Just click the link above and look to the right for a list by clicking on "Jesus Tour." I especially LOVE Jeremy Johnson's message "View from a Sycamore Tree". 

I find myself listening just about every morning recently.
And look forward each week to celebrating the faith in my heart
and the love of Jesus, who wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to himself as his very own with all the good people at Lutheran Church of Hope.

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