Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Dirt and Worms

Today's struggle lives in the employee break room of the children's gym where I work.
Specifically, in the refrigerator where everyone tucks their lunch.
And beverages.
And leftover snacks from the 100-kid Halloween/Slumber Party
held here last weekend.
Is this a bowl full of delicious goodness just begging
to be eaten or what?
Look closer.
It's chocolate pudding, smushed-up oreo cookies
and a few randomly creepy gummy worms
to make the whole mess scream "dirt".
Awwww, c'mon.....close your eyes, click your heels and repeat after me:
"There's no place like Kindergarten, there's no place like Kindergarten....."
Got it now???
To ME it screams chocolate coma.
And it's been wayyyyyy too long since I've been in one. 

So I'd like to thank the little munchkins whom, for whatever reason
refused their chocolatey treats at the party.
Because the result was a nice little herd of
party pudding cups.
Just dying to be eaten.
And no, I didn't.
But I wrestled that chocolate temptation
Tonight we celebrate the victory over creepy dessert.
With yogurt.
No worms.

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