Sunday, November 16, 2014

Deleteriously Delicious

( Courtesy of the definitive Gospel of Vocabulary i.e....according to Webster.
Thanks, Merriam.)
I love this word.
I've always LOVED this word.
It's like a verbal cookie for me.
You know the kind....sweet, with just enough chips?
Spelled with just the right number of mildly harsh consonants
ordered in such a way that,
when spoken with accent applied to the correct syllable
the whole word just kind of launches out of the throat
exiting the mouth in a marvelously definitive and lovely way.
It's a good, good word.
Post-it note to my brain:
Use this fine word more often.

I stood on the edge of Thursday
looking ahead to this weekend
with some trepidation.
Life stuff.
Work stuff.
The panorama was just too overwhelming.
I wasn't sure how I was going to do it all.

Friday the sun was out so bright
the sky was so blue
there just seemed to be every possibility
some way
I'd get it all done.

Treating myself for being such a brave girl at the dentist yesterday
I squeezed my little race car (Saturn. ha!)
into the drive-up and pondered
the Starbucks possibilities.
A late-bloomer to coffee and pretty much a creature of habit.
I like it dark, dark, dark and bitingly flavorful.
With a messa cream and sugar.
True coffee-addicts would say that's not coffee.
To each his own, folks. Leave me to my beans.

On special days, I hit the Starbucks drive-through.
On ordinary days I'm much too stingy to expend 1/3 of my daily calorie budget on a cup of coffee.
Too poor to afford the cost, too. But today I thought.....let's just dive all-in for the weekend, shall we?
Let's try something new.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh BABY!!!!!!!!!!
My boots are dancin' now, for sure!!!

Chestnut Praline Latte.

Here is how I described it to my Facebook crew:

Driving along, minding my own sweet biz when....out of the drivethru window I am unexpectedly and deliciously assaulted by the most arresting burst of flavors! Soooo just close your eyes and imagine a happy little chestnut rolling its chubby, roasted self around on your tongue, when all of a sudden a team of wild little pralines arrive from seemingly nowhere and explode in your throat. And imagine too, that the lovely young man with the bright red (very festive) gauge things in both his ears is the best listener ever, and actually DID make your Chestnut Praline Latte extra extra H O T. Heaven.
 Lovely sips of heaven!!!

Got it?
My new favorite Starbucks beverage, for sure.
Now, full disclosure so we don't all run off half-crazy

Sip with caution.
But....on that occasion quite-special
do sip.
Ohhhh yes, yes, yes! Do sip!

Enough digression.
Back to the subject of favorite words
and the point of this entire rabbit trail
of verbal meandering.

"Facts in hand, of the deleterious results rabid consumption of her
new favorite coffee beverage would have on her fitness, health and teensy tiny little wallet,
Debbie allowed herself but one Starbucks beverage per week, as a
less-nutritional but highly satisfying substitute for breakfast."

Sorry, eggs.

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