Saturday, November 15, 2014

And yet.....MORE Miles to Go Before I Sleep

If I've got somewhere to go
someplace to be
I don't mind 4:00 AM.
I'm a morning gal
so I can pop up out of bed in the wee-est of the hours
for a purpose.
Notsomuch a fan of the waking-up-in-the-wee-hours thing
if the only purpose it serves is to find me
staring across my room into the dark
ruminating on every little thing troubling me of late.
Money, kids, health, future, prayers, wishes, regrets, guilt, love, faith
purpose, friends, enemies and whether my car will get me through the winter.
They're all stacked up
with a thousand of their pesky little trouble friends
right over there in the corner of my bedroom
where no one can see
unless it's 4:00 AM.

Yesterday was one of those mornings.
Helllllllllllllllllllllllo 4:00 AM.
Yep, it's me again.
But yesterday there was kind of a reason.
I had a dental appointment scheduled at 8 AM.
Root canal.
(Feel free to envision the cozy chair, the needle coming towards my mouth,
the sound of the drill, the vibrating of my jaw......
yeahhhhhh, all manner of fun things.)
You'd think so, anyway.
The root canal.....seriously.
It was nothin'. PIECE. OF. CAKE.
I almost fell asleep
although the whole vibrating jaw thing....
NO pain, mind you....but couldn't quite drift off.
Almost, though.
Face still numb, an hour after the dentist I
found my favorite, all-time best friend boots.
I thought I'd lost them in one of my many recent moves.

The lost are found.
The feet are happy.

And speaking of feet................

Uhhh, yeahhhhh.
Only the best movie EVer!!
Found my Happy Feet DVD in the same perchance
dive into the storage unit that revealed my sweet boots.

So. Despite the fact it started early....wayyyy too early.
Despite the fact a dentist was sticking a needle into my jaw at
zero-eight hundred thirty.

The day had earmarks of unfolding into something lovely.
As long as I would keep my eyes open to notice.

Love days like that.


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