Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Morning

This is sooooo NOT the day I had planned.
Blue-sky beautiful.
Brilliant sunshine on freshly-fallen snow.
Yikes, no wayyy is this what I had planned for today.

I was hoping for another yesterday.
I know that's not very thoughtful
considering nearly everyone in the country is
in a car
or getting out of a car
or putting on their coats to go out to the car
and head to their Thanksgiving dinner.
On behalf of all those folks,
I'm happy for you
and I won't complain.
I'll just close my eyes and remember yesterday
because it was perfect.

I get up long before the sun rises
and yesterday the house was bright as day
even before I switched on a light.
There's your sign.
Yep. During the night.
Lots of it.
Yawning snow dog Chuck went into a fresh-powder frenzy
leaping and hopping all over the back yard
like he was a pup again.
No wonder that boy and I get along so famously.
I do love snow.
Pristine and freshly-fallen lightweight
made it easy to sweep a path to my car
before I negotiated my long driveway to head off to work.
(I mention the long driveway because it really, truly is a feat of
navigational prowess to back out of the thing when the ground is
blanketed in snow. True, it's 17 feet wide, but there is a substantial
stone planter right next to the drive and in a blur of white
some of names here, of course......find it a challenge to
get to the street in reverse gear....without hitting that planter. This is neither a
positive experience for the planter or the car.)
I got out ok, leaving a deep, single-track path
which undoubtedly says to wandering neighborhood hoodlums
"Oh look. She went to work. No one is home. Let's clean out the house
and sell her old Tupperware for drug money."
(This is where Chuck comes in. Ain't happenin' boys. JUST. Saying.)
So. I'm on my way to work.
And it's snowing.
The sky is grey, there is frost on the windshield
and my hands are warm and toasty
(in utilitarian gloves, but that's another story for another day, although I'll note
my favorite Sherry Tinsman bracelet is especially fetching with the winter ensemble,
don't you think??)
It's my favorite kind of day.
I love driving in snow.
And my sunroof is wide open.
At the stoplights I look up to the sky
where the grey is shedding
beautiful, huge flakes
that land
just like the song says
on my nose and eyelashes.
Don't care what the cars in the other lanes might think.
I think
they wish they were me
and loved snow, too.
I'm such a kid on snowy days.
Maria VonTrapp would be immensely proud.
By the time I got off work last night
the snow had started again
and I was pretty sure it happened
just for me.
There was some serious slipping and sliding my way through town
to get home but that is my idea of fun. There is nothing quite so
heart-stoppingly sweet as to fishtail into an intersection
with your eyes closed
praying the path is clear
and your left front quarter panel will live to see another day.
Thankfully, most folks were home
groceries unloaded
chopping celery for this mornings turkey dressing.
The path was slick
but beautifully clear.
Sunroof open again.
This time the flakes were fast and furious
from a dark sky.
I drove the long way home
through town
winding through the college campus
down along streets of old Victorian homes
just to savor the sweetness of
the Dickens kind of evening
and praying Chucks bladder would forgive me
the extra drive time.
And now it's morning.
Where I'd been hoping for a continuation
of last nights magical, falling snow loveliness
it's just another
fabulously gorgeous
sun-drenched day
on the prairie.
I shall persevere to endure.
And it does bring to mind my favorite winter morning joke:
What did the doe say when she walked out of the woods
on a snowy morning?
I'll never do THAT again for two bucks!!!
But I do soooooooo love a little seasonal irreverence.

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