Friday, November 07, 2014

What is an Allen Wrench?

Here is the glamorous side of selling goods as a vendor at market shows.
I spent most of the day in my garage
unpacking huge boxes
trying not to rip my hands up on the big staples
and stuff like that.
Todays challenge:
assemble a cart I bought that will make it easier to haul all my
stuff in and out of the shows I work.
The cart required.....
duh-duh-duh duuhhhhhhhhhhhh...
Oh frights.
It was hard enough to coax the thing out of the crate.
And it's not light, that's for sure.
600 pound product capacity
But the wheels had to be attached.
Nooooo problem.
I used to show custom furniture at market and trade shows around
the country. I'm not afraid of having to assemble a thing or two.
But anyone who knows me knows
the absence of fear doesn't necessarily mean
the presence of skill.

So I ask myself around...noonish.
What is an allen wrench?
I think I need one. I sense I need one.
I'm not positive but I know I need something and isn't an allen
wrench one of those little tool deals with a cuppy thing on the end
so it sort of hugs the screw instead of poke it
like a flat screwdriver or a Philips. (Phillips?)
As it turns
I guess what I needed was a socket.
Still need.
Is there just one size?
Can I just buy the one size?
What if I never buy it and don't tighten down the
screw things?
I forged ahead with the tools at hand:
grill tongs, Bic lighter and spatula.
Between now and next week what I have to haul
huge boxes full of stuff on the thing
I'll figure it out.
And tighten those little thingies.
With that thingie.
Later I re-stocked my supply of magnets
to go with the steel magnet board photo frames I sell.
Fun. Pretty.
Maybe I'm just a weeeee bit loopy from the glue....
And here's one of the finished frames, fussed up with ribbon
and some fun little paw magnets
for doggie peoples:

You can order these rusted, steel photo magnet boards and lots
of other cool rusty stuff....if you're into that sorta thang.....on my Esty site.

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