Sunday, December 21, 2014

Grey Day. Lovely Day.

“They that sow in tears shall reap in joy” (Psalm 126.5)
I met someone this summer
and we're getting to know one another.
There are stories to share
thoughts to consider
gifts to remember
and defeats to recount.
We've both lived long enough
that our hearts bear 
the inevitable scars
of healing
over shattered windows
and slammed doors.
Some of the stories just
Of course there are bright memories to share too.
Moments of great joy
and victory
and insight
and peace.
Moments that make us smile
just to remember
and share.
There is something beautiful
about ears that are open to
truly listen
and eyes that watch you as you speak
to make sure they get all of the
body language
so the picture of what you're sharing is complete.
There is something beautiful, too
about recounting painful memories
only to find
all these years later
they have no power.
They're just
yet powerless
We shared some of those yesterday
over a comfort-food lunch
tucked into a quiet spot
on a grey winters day.
Icy drizzle streaked the windows
across the room,
the coffee was perfectly hot
and folks hummed quiet
conversations at nearby tables.
I asked.
He told me.
He asked.
I told him.
And here's what I'm thinking about this morning.
Time passes.
Wounds heal.
Scars fade.
Life goes on.
Some of the stories I shared yesterday
were the most difficult
most painful
most agonizing
moments of my life.
And I recounted them
smiling some
laughing some
rolling my eyes some
someone else was so dang stupid
or I was so dang stupid
or life just slapped me around to the point
it was stupid.
He's been slapped a few times too.
And, like me,
he's seen his share of
magic, inspired moments.
He's learned to smile too.
And laugh.
Point being:
I made it.
He made it.
Mostly, we all make it.
It's a good thought to hide away in a heart-pocket
for those days when trouble is chasing me
when struggle consumes me
when hopes are dashed
or I'm just feeling
a little bit too alone:
Hold on.
It won't last.
You're close.
Just hold on.
You'll make it.
Through it all
good, bad, ugly and uninspired,
(and don't doubt it, we've all got our
good, bad, ugly and uninspired memories),
through it all
we all make it.


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