Sunday, January 04, 2015

Sir Charles

Sir Charles EatsALotOfMicrowaves
Guardian of the Premises
Consumer of All Things Left on Counter
Drooling Plate Cleaner Upper
Snoring Pal
Native American Name:  Growls Like Lion
Irish Name: Naughty O'Doggie, Nibbler of Cable Installers
Scot Name: Midnight McBarker
Licker of Coffee Cups
Fan of Bacon
Lover of:
Random Trips Yonder & Therapeutic Gravel Road Cruises
Hanging Head Out of Car Window
Sausage McMuffins
Small, Slow Animals that Smell Like Dinner
Litter Box Tootsie Rolls
and anything
that smells, resembles or is shaped like food.


We had a bath and a bit of a fussin'-over today
at the groomers.
We are feeling
and suhhhhhhh-WEET!
We are all clean and fluffy like a cottonball
and smell real purtee
(in a big, bad-ass doggie kinda way)
It's good to be
Leader of the Pack.

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