Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Little Pals

Three nights a week
my office hosts several
tiny people.
They visit me
in the front office
while their older siblings
participate in their
gymnastic classes
and competitive team practices.
They are
the little gifts
God sends me
because my granddaughter
lives so far away.
Tristan and Chelsea
were my little guests tonight.
They are both hovering right around
three years old.
Tiny teeth.
Mom still makes sure
to ask if they need to go potty.
And since our business
is a gym
they're pretty much always
in stocking feet.
itsy biddy widdy
tiny stocking feet
so cute
you wanna cry.
Tristan brought his
bright red
Lightning McQueen
backpack tonight
smushed full of
toy cars and one big,
plastic dump truck.
He claimed my
plastic desk dinosaur mascot
as their playmate too.
And some yellow
critter thing.
I don't know what it is.
But the legs are bendy
and the kids have fun with it.
This was my opportunity
to whip out my
scissors and
join in their fun
on the floor.
So I built them a drive-up garage
for the vehicles
and a nearby house.
Chelsea thought
all those little toy cars
needed a gas pump.
So we built one of those too.
Complete with
removable nozzle
on the end of a
dental floss hose.
We are nothing
if we are not
the MacGuyver
of paper
Thank you
Dreamsicle wall
for providing a
sort of background
for the buildings.
Dinosaur in neighborhood.
Yellow animal-thing....beware.

whose sweet little face
shall remain anonymous
fuels up
the hotrod.
"Das my DADS car!!!!!"
he tells me.
And a fine car it is
my very short man
in tiny Transformers stocking feets.

The next night
more little friends stopped in
and we fancied the place up a bit.

Apples in the trees.

And some snazzier wheels, too.
Thanks to my little pals
and their bright
for making my evening
so sweet.

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