Monday, March 16, 2015

Praise As Acceptance

When I was a teenager
I bought a little
paperback book
that changed my life.
I read it over and over
underlining passages
and highlighting points.
Somewhere along the way
of raising a family
and all the frenetic
activities clustered
around the project of
growing older
the little book was lost.
I found it on Amazon
this month
and ordered a used copy.
I've been digesting it
like the finest of meals.
It's texture and flavor
so familiar
even after
all these years.
The meat of it
still so very satisfying
in reminding me
God has a plan
and he hasn't forgotten me
and he always keeps his promises
and I'm not alone
in these things
over which I trouble
and worry
and wonder.

Thankful I live in a
technological world
where amazing things
like ordering a favorite book
( a dear old friend}
can be done in a few
short minutes
in an evening
and be delivered to my
front door
days later.
For a couple bucks plus shipping.
Thank you, God.
For this little book
which speaks to my soul
in such a personal way
at a time when I
really really
need it.

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