Saturday, September 05, 2015

Soft Paws and Cold Noses

I adopted my Chuck
when he was an old man.

I knew we wouldn't have very many years together.
As it turned out
it was just about 14 months.

We lost him this summer.

And of course
I miss him.

But I'd adopt him again
even though it hurt so much
when he left us.
The hours of brushing
and cruising gravel roads
and hanging out
in front of the fireplace
and laughing
over all the funny things
he did
were just too precious
to have missed.

Love ya, man.
Can't wait to see you come running to me
along with all my other best pals
when I get to heaven.

my work at the pet groom shop
provide me with
lots of
furry company.

Opportunities to snuggle
and comfort
and play
and laugh.

With all kinds of creatures
both great and small.

I'm just too busy loving on furry dogs and cats
to be sad about Chuck. 
Remembering him makes me smile
as I fuss over every one of them.
I've got such awesome, fun memories.
They're just the sweetest.
And I'm making more.

God sends lots of new friends my way
for me to cuddle up and love. 

And I'm just grateful.

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