Friday, December 19, 2008

HoHo Binksy

I refuse to impose indignities upon my kitty cat roomie in the name of any holiday. I won't dress him in a dumb little sweater or strap little reindeer antlers to his head for the Christmas card photo.

Nope. He's a family member. An honored resident of this home.
I won't humiliate my prideful kitty by dressing him up like a doll. No glittery vest on the 4th of July. No razzle-dazzle collar on Christmas. Or New Years. No way.

But he hardly ever checks my blog.
What he doesn't know won't bruise his fragile ego.


Smiles! Becca said...

Lol he LOOKS like he know what you are about to do though!hehehe

Stacey said...

He does NOT look amused! I love him! How funny. Cats are the best little buddies ever, even when they are ticked off at you!