Saturday, September 26, 2015

It's Never Too Late

Children come in all sizes.
Some of them very cleverly disguised
as adults.

Sometimes it's because they have
to work out
leftover from their

Other times
it's because
the excuse
of their sorry childhood
becomes a
and pity
a warm blanket
and really
isn't it just easier
to act like a kid
and blame it on someone
or something else
than looking it straight in the eye
and leaving it all behind
and sitting down
at long, long last
at the
grown-up table.

Regardless of pain
or experience
or heartache
or unresolved
inflicted upon us
when we were young
the truth is
our inner children
have earned the right
and need to be tucked in to rest.

Our little
inner kid
needs the grown-up
to step up
and take over.

These little spirits of our deepest heart
have suffered
long enough.
We need to put our arms around them
assure them
we're grown-up now
and we're going to be okay
on our own
and let them
at very long last
lay down their weary little heads
and be cared for
instead of
forcing them to be
our caretakers.

Growing up is hard.
if you wait decades
to do it.

Growing up is hard.
But scripture tells us
it's what we are supposed to do.

Growing up is hard.
But no right thing God instructs us to do
is impossible.

We can continue to lie
to get what we want
play with toys that belong to other people
and sneak around
doing naughty things
as if Dad won't notice.

Or we can finally decide
we're ready to put our Cinderella nightie
in a drawer
and close it
for good. 

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